Ecoexplorer Lodge


Allen Sheffield

Ecoexplorer Lodge
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Ecoexplorer Lodge
During our travels through the tributaries we were surprised to see several of these eco-lodges. We had stayed in one in 2007 during a few nights in the rainforest in Ecuador. Wonderful! A great way to stay in the rainforest with a set base camp.
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artsandi ::
February 24, 2015
Excellent - Favorite

February 27, 2015
Allen, It looked like fun but did they have a john ?? My wife likes a full bathroom. Have a great retirement.

awsheffield ::
February 28, 2015
Richard, we did not stop at this ecolodge, but in 2007, my wife and I spent three nights in a similar place - Yarina EcoLodge on the Rio Napo in Ecuador. We had a basic bathroom with a shower. We had electricity only about 4 hours per day, but we were not there most of the time anyway. I thought you, and others, might be interested in seeing a picture of this lodge, so I just loaded it into this gallery. Thank you for your comments.